Extended Voyages (6/7 days)

Voyage 1604

2-8 March, Fremantle - Fremantle

Voyage 1607 (school holidays)
9-16 April, Fremantle - Fremantle

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3-hour day sails

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Youth Voyages

Are you ready for an adventure? Join us on one of our weeklong Youth Explorer Voyages!

Dirk Hartog Voyage

October 2016 - Sail back in time to mark the 400th anniversary of the first Dutch contact with Australia.

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If you are ready for a unique, life-changing adventure in WA, why not join us for a weeklong voyage?  Sailing the Leeuwin will let you experience life aboard a traditional sailing ship. More than 40,000 young people went before you and this is what some of our trainees had to say about the experience:

 “I had an amazing time with the crew, volunteers and other trainees learning all about sailing.  I met incredible people and made some life-long friends. I will never forget having gone on this journey.” – Bodhi
“My favourite memory would be climbing to the top of the main mast.  Achieving this gave me the best feeling, like I can do anything.” - Jaqueline
“I met so many new people who are all so lovely and genuine, sailing the ship was amazing, you felt so powerful and part of a team.” - Olivia

You'll find more information and how to apply on the Youth Explorer Voyage page.

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