Q: How many passengers does the ship take?

A: For a day trip, the Leeuwin II can take up to 130 passengers. Overnight we have accomodation for 40 people.


Q: Can I take my phone/iPod/iPad/laptop with me on a voyage?

A: Why would you want to??? A Leeuwin voyage is a great opportunity to take a break from electronic devices, so you won't need to bring these along with you during your adventure.


Q: I’m over 25, can I go on a voyage?

A: Yes! While our voyages are designed and run as youth development voyages anyone can join a youth explorer voyage, regardless of their age, as long as they are prepared to participate in the program.


Q: Do you offer concession rates for your 7-day voyage?

A: We don’t offer concession rates for our voyage programmes but we do have a limited number of scholarships available for young people that need financial assistance. You’ll find more information on our scholarships page.


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