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Q: How many passengers does the ship take?

A: For a day trip, the Leeuwin II can take up to 130 passengers. Overnight we have accomodation for 40 people.


Q: Can I take my phone/iPod/iPad/laptop with me on a voyage?

A: Why would you want to??? A Leeuwin voyage is a great opportunity to take a break from electronic devices, but if you feel the need to stay connected, you are welcome to leave these devices in your cabins.  


Q: I’m over 25, can I go on a voyage?

A: Yes! While our voyages are designed and run as youth development voyages anyone can join a youth explorer voyage, regardless of their age. We also have adult voyages available.


Q: I've been on a 3 hour short sail and loved the experience, however I am not quite ready to commit to a 7 day voyage. Do you have any other sailing options?

A: We are always looking for ways to provide the best sailing experience and we may be in a position to schedule in shorter voyages if we get enough interest. Please email to register your interest and we will keep you informed of any changes to our schedule.


Q: Do you offer concession rates for your 7-day voyage?

A: We work very hard to constantly provide the lowest possible fares for our extended voyages and as such, no concession fares are available. If you are in need of financial assistance, why not apply for one of our scholarships?


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