Monkey Mia voyages next to sell!

The Leeuwin Foundation is pleased to announce that our next available 7-day voyage berths are on voyages 13/09 and 13/10.

Voyage 13/09 will depart from Fremantle on the 27th April and arrive in Monkey Mia on the 3rd of May, making it a full on sailing task for the participants on board.

Voyage 13/10 is an adults voyage which is departing from Monkey Mia on the 9 June and arriving home in Fremantle on the 16th June. This will be our only adults voyage for 2013 and also our only 8-day/ 7 night voyage.

If you are interested in either voyage, please be sure to send in your applications ASAP as all of our previous voyages in 2013 have already sold out!