Parent Information

The Voyage

Your son or daughter is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This unique experience will prove to be both exciting and rewarding, as sailing a tall ship is one of the greatest adventures associated with the sea. They will experience setting sails in all weather conditions, sailing through the night and visiting parts of West Australia’s coastline.  They will also learn more about themselves, their ability to face challenges and tolerance towards others.                     

About the Ship Quote learn so much

The ship was purpose built to modern safety standards by Transfield ASI in Cogee WA.  It has the outward appearance of a traditional rigged 1850’s Barquentine, but below decks there is modern accommodation, galley, limited fresh water showers and toilets. The ship has 16 sails and twin diesel engines for maneuvering in port. The ship was commissioned in 1986 and is regulated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The Crew

The permanent crew consists of the Captain, Mate, Bosun, Engineer and Chef. All have had extensive maritime experience and are highly qualified professional mariners.  The permanent crew, are assisted by trained volunteers who fill the positions of Watch Leaders, Cook’s Mate, Bosun’s Mate, Purser and on occasions Watch Officer and Doctor.

Health and Safety

As with other outdoor pursuits a reasonable level of fitness will help them get the most out of the adventure.  Part of the adventure may include climbing the ship’s rigging for which they will be required to pass a physical strength test.  In preparation for the voyage, get them to practice holding their own body weight with both hands above their head for 15 seconds.

As part of the booking conditions you are required to complete a medical information form outlining any pre existing medical conditions and medications. Please return this form to the office as soon as possible as, you will not be able to sail if we have not received it.Trainees on deck Leeuwin

Seasickness is a problem that affects many people to some degree, due to the unfamiliarity of the ship’s motion.  Fortunately, most people (99%) get over the problem in a day or two.  Simple precautions can be taken before joining the ship and during the journey. There are many different types of commercially available motion sickness preventatives, which should usually be taken before they arrive on board.  Please check with your doctor or pharmacist as to the appropriate medication to take. If they take sea sickness medication do not double or increase the dose if they do not appear to work and do not use more than one type of medication at a time as serious side effects may occur.  The best thing to remember is that they will get over it.

What to Bring

To have an enjoyable experience you will need to bring the right clothing and personal effects. Space is limited so please keep your gear to a minimum and bring it in a soft bag (no suitcases). The ship provides; specialist wet weather clothing (sizes for all), safety harness, mattress and pillow.

General Voyage Principles and Guidelines

During every voyage we expect that all crew and passengers will adhere to a few simple guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of all aboard the ship.  The following are not accepted aboard Leeuwin II under any circumstances:

  •  Offensive behavior which includes unwelcome comments, jokes and or actions.
  •  Violence either physical or verbal.
  •  Material of an explicit or obscene nature.
  •  Alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes

What to Leave at Home

To gain the most from your Leeuwin experience we ask that you leave the following items at home.

  • Alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs are not permitted on board.
  • Mobile phones, iPods, Lap Tops, electronic devices etc are not to be used on board.
  • There are no facilities for hair dryers, however electricity is available for electric razors (240 volts- normal household electricity)