About Us

Leeuwin II is Western Australia's own Tall Ship, a 3-masted barquentine with over 810 square metres of sail and an overall length of 55 metres. Leeuwin II is a working ship and all participants are expected to be involved in most aspects of ship operations, from sailing, steering and navigating to cleaning the ship and climbing the masts.

Leeuwin operates under the principle of "challenge by choice” - where the level of the challenge is up to each individual. Our 28 years of operation clearly demonstrate that the more each participant is willing to challenge themselves, the more they take away from the experience.

We have a sailing option to suit everyone, from three hour short sails to week-long voyages, as well as customised Corporate and Private Charters. We also run Ultimate Challenge Voyages that are specifically tailored to young people with a disability so they can experience a lifechanging adventure in a safe and supportive environment.