Team Building

Team buildingThe Leeuwin II is a unique resource for WA based teams, groups and organisations.

The ship caters for groups up to 120 pax. with a flat charter fee of $15,000 for a 3 hour sail or $8,000 for a 3 hour alongside function.

Our team building program has been developed to allow groups to take on the ‘Leeuwin Challenge’ and really put them to the test! Expected outcomes include:

  • Team development
  • Performance leadership
  • Working with change
  • Build personal effectiveness
  • Safety and welfare
  • Creative problem solving and decision making
  • Managing conflict
  • Risk taking
  • Negotiation and effective participation
  • Working effectively with others – involving others, acknowledging their ideas and building commitment

Why team building on the Leeuwin?

An independent review of our program found that we deliver a range of psychological and sociological benefits including self confidence, self esteem, social skills, team building, leadership capacity, self awareness, decision making and internal control. These findings are consistent with an international study of the benefits of sail training undertaken by the University of Edinburgh in 2007. The review also found that a ship based learning environment is conducive to psychological and sociological skills being taught in a shorter time compared to land based activities. Our team building packages include all catering, equipment and materials as well as facilitation by qualified staff.