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School Sails

School SailsJoin the Leeuwin II for a school day sail.

These sails run for four hours out of Fremantle, and are a great day out. On the day the Foundation runs team building activities. Everyone is assigned to a watch, which is their team for the day, and learn some aspects of tall ship sailing. Activities differ for the age group onboard to ensure everyone gets the most out of the program. Activities may include raising the sails, taking the helm, navigation and even climbing the bow sprit! The sail allows young people to experience a taste of what life would be like on a voyage and is an exciting and fun day out for any year group.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills

School day sails are open for primary and high school students. We also take out sporting, service and youth groups for these sails. The ship can cater for up to a maximum of 80 high school or 100 primary school students onboard, you can book a small group of young people and be teamed up with other schools and groups on the day. 

RUNNING TIME: 1000 - 1400 (4 Hours)

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