Challenging and inspiring young people since 1986

Program Outcomes

Program outcomesOur Youth Explorer Voyages allow young people to experience a unique, challenging and inspirational ocean adventure.

The program is designed to be both physically and emotionally challenging and helps young people reach their personal potential through the development of social confidence and relationship skills in 4 broad areas:

  1. The concept of self
  2. Communication skills
  3. Teamwork
  4. A sense of community

The benefits of the program directly impacts the individual’s peers, their school, family and community. These benefits are transferable as young people phase into adulthood as future employees and as responsible citizens in our communities. The program outcomes are the same for each voyage, regardless of dates or destination.

Other expected outcomes include:

  • Team development
  • Performance leadership
  • Working with change
  • Build personal effectiveness
  • Safety and welfare
  • Managing conflict
  • Risk taking
  • Negotiation and effective participation
  • Creative problem solving & decision making
  • Working effectively with others – involving others, acknowledging their ideas and building commitment

Anyone who sails with the Foundation is able to return as a volunteer. This may be on another voyage, short sail, in the office, or even during our scheduled refit and maintenance period. As a not-for-profit foundation, we rely on the support of all our volunteers to donate their time and skills when they can. If you are a student that needs to complete community service requirements, volunteering at the Foundation may be a great option for you.