Ultimate Challenge

Sail Leeuwin Perth Sailing


Departs Fremantle Wednesday 11th November | Arrives Fremantle Sunday 15th November.

The Leeuwin is very proud to be the only tall ship in Australia to offer this unique ocean adventure voyage specifically designed for young people with a limitation preventing them from sailing on a standard voyage. 

In a program absolutely unique to Australia, the Leeuwin will be offering young people with intellectual, sensory and/ or physical limitations a chance to experience the thrill of tall-ship sailing in a safe, fun and supportive environment this November.

The program is focused on social inclusion and gives trainees the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and increase their self-confidence ten-fold.

From climbing rigging, to setting sails, climbing masts, cleaning and scrubbing, talent shows, egg experiments and an interesting need to listen to Croatian music, Bayley will forever cherish this fantastic event in his life,” said Jenny Simonds, mother of a 2014 Ultimate Challenge participant.

We are so proud that Bayley has discovered that no matter how difficult his Diabetes care can be - he can overcome it and take care of himself.” 


We are looking for 24 young people aged 14 to 25 with limitations to join the Ultimate Challenge Voyage. 

We are also welcoming 16 support trainees to sail equally as a trainee and also provide support and assistance when required. As a support trainee you will share the learning experience with an inclusive and diverse crew. This is an opportunity for you to contribute and participate in a meaningful way and we welcome passionate people who may or may not have experience in youth, disability, caring, healthcare or similar.

It was wonderful to be involved in such an activity,” said Nick Evans from St John Ambulance who joined the voyage as a support trainee in 2014.

“To meet life challenges with optimism and enthusiasm is the most valuable lesson I will take away from the whole Leeuwin experience.”

Participants have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills as they work with their watch group to set the sails, stand watch and steer the ship, with the assistance of the ship's crew, health professionals and support trainees.

Applications are now open for the five-day challenge which will depart Fremantle on the 11th November and arrive back in Fremantle on the 15th November, 2015.

We hope most of our participants with limitations will be young people – in keeping with the basic concepts of the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation. It is important that all trainees are capable of participating independently at a reasonable level for their own personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

Appplication form for trainees with a physical, sensory or intellectual limitation

Information for trainees with a physical, sensory or intellectual limitation

2015 Ultimate Challenge Flyer

Contact us at ashleigh@sailleeuwin.com or on (08) 9430 4105 for more information or an application form.